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What makes your designs unique?
We pride ourselves on the generational artisanal hand woven techniques used in our products. Fefeti's defining feature is the originality of our fabrics. These statement pieces are one of a kind. You’ll never get caught at a party wearing the same outfit as your copy-cat friend. Our designs are named after the unique cultures in Ghana.

How are your products made? 
The story of Fefeti and each of our products begins with Ghanaian kente fabric. Our fabrics are sourced primarily from Agoti me Kpetoe where the art and practice of traditional kente has rapidly disappeared over the last few decades. To counteract this, we have direct partnerships with weavers in Bolgatanga and Bonwire (northern and Ashanti regions, respectively). Our sourcing not only provides direct financial support to weavers, but allows us to know exactly what our fabrics are made of: cotton, rayon and silk yarns with a mixture of indigo and synthetic dyes. Distinct hand weaving styles from each source not only create textiles that cannot be reproduced, but promote sustainable techniques. Our hand-woven and hand-dyed fabrics are made on traditional looms. We hope to extend these values of carbon-free practices to the raw materials used in the fabrics so that we will one-day be 100% organic and machine free. Kente fabrics are heirloom pieces passed down generations, we would love for our products to be treated similarly.

Are your products made in NYC?
Yes! While the fabrics are 100% made in Ghana, each item is fully produced in NYC. We chose to work in NYC where the idea of Fefeti was born. Fefeti believes in taking ethical approaches to fashion by partnering with small minority-owned manufacturers.

What is your sizing?
Though our outerwear leans towards slim-fit profiles, they are designed to be layered with cardigans, hoodies, cashmere sweaters etc. To find your size, please refer to the sizing chart.

Care instructions 
We don't recommend machine-washing. Dampen a clean cloth with a soft cleaning product to wipe minor stains. Avoid scrubbing while cleaning and immediately air dry. Dry clean at your discretion, however exposing the fabrics to harsh products and weather conditions can increase the risks of fabric shrinkage and discoloration. Kente is a delicate woven fabric so treat it nicely! It's best to avoid picking at the fabric threads.
What do you have in the works?
Our long term strategy is to produce small-batch, seasonal items that are truly unique and will never be repeated.