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Our Story

Fefeti was born from the collaboration of a father and son, now living continents apart. Simon Fefeti, an industrious dreamer sent his son a coat made of kente strips stitched together in their hometown of Agotime Kpetoe, Ghana.

Selorm Fefeti, now settled in Brooklyn for over a decade saw an opportunity to not only tap into his creativity, but to also reconnect with his father and his childhood. Growing up in Ghana, Selorm saw how kente was used in limited ways, exclusively for ceremonial events like funerals or weddings. It was missing a dynamic, modern approach that could turn this heirloom fabric into a statement piece that paid homage to the rich culture and skill behind it, but could also be worn everyday, anywhere, anytime… even in Brooklyn. 

Thus, the birth of Fefeti. Fefeti means “the importance of joy,” in the Ewe language. Fefeti is about bringing joy to its wearers through the zest and rich beauty woven into each thread. It is about breathing life into the dying craft of kente weaving, envisioning a new era of cultural relevancy and designs.

Fefeti is made by a transcontinental team of creatives inspired by the story of a father and son team with a flair for fly fashions and a fierce pride for their culture.

Co-founder Selorm Fefeti pictured hoisting our Wote Bucket Hats.